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Well my friends that time of year is here again and I have to be honest and tell you that a couple of weeks ago I was determined that I would NOT be “doing ” Christmas this year (something I actually SAY every year).Depression had taken hold with a firm grip again and it didn’t help that the stress of still being on a waiting list to see a psychologist for 4 years appeared to have caused my hair to start to fall out again.

Then I realised something … apart from the very rare trip to the supermarket, I hadn’t actually been outside for at least 3 months.  Instead of “living”, I had simply been surviving with the threat looming of yet another Christmas without loved ones.

I’d also had a really bad cold for 2 months and when I wasn’t working I was simply exhausted and sleeping.  Then one day I woke up, took a couple of diazepam with my morning vitamin drink, raided my winter wardrobe and Bri took me to Bangor for the day.  Sad to see so many more independent shops had closed down, including the one I particularly wanted which was the shop that sold hair extensions!!! (ast least that would have been one problem less lol).

Anyway, we just happened to come across one of those shops that sells glamour/fetish and goth wear and while Bri wasn’t starting in the window lol, he spotted a sign for hair extentensions …. yaaay …. one problem down but countless still to go, we headed to Beaumaris.  There in a shop I found some Maelig napkins which I just couldn’t resist and suddenly my inspiration to “do” Christmas had returned.

I think that had been a big problem … inspiration, or rather lack of it … and probably lack of fresh air and daylight :/

So over the next few days I will talk you through and show you some of the trials and tribulations of preparing for Christmas 2013.

A friend told me a few days back that he really was dreading Christmas this year and I told him to set everything up as soon as possible and then just treat the whole thing like a “season” … that way the actual days you are supposed to walk round merrily grinning like a cheshire cat, it doesn’t matter if you feel like crap because it’s just another day in a whole season.  He said it was actually quite a sensible idea considering it had come from me :D … good job he lives too far away for a crack round the lughole!

Seriously though, Christmas for many is a terrible time of year for so many reasons … please try not to dwell on that though … spare them some thoughts and send them your love and then enjoy and cherish whatever you can of the season with your own loved ones.

For my own part I’m pleased to say that my hair is growing back again but I don’t think I’ll be ditching the extensions to quickly … I’ve never had so much hair in my life :D

Anyway, enough waffle here is the first, smallest and simplest of my 5 Christmas Inspirations … click the images to enlarge them … click on Memories of Green for a very profound message from one of my favorite films xxx

Memories of Green

Green and Silver Bauble

Green and Silver Bauble

A very simple arrangement in a silvered round glass bowl using only foliage and hypericum berries with an ivory church candle slightly off centre.  The imbalance is counterbalanced by adding a couple of different textured but still silver baubles.

Simple and Elegant

Simple and Elegant

Here we have added a glass globe, again with lots of greenery and just 3 white rose heads. This would stand equally well alone but here we have grouped it with a delicate vintage vase of tiny white flowers and some more silvered containers, this time holding candles.

Winter Woodland

Winter Woodland

The link between our Sandinavien Collection and Winter Wonderland will soon become clear but for now here is a close up on some beautiful white cyclamen, with fallen twigs, tree ivy and cystal look droplets.

Always with Love … Denise xxx

24 Responses to “Christmas 2013 … Memories of Green”

  1. Memories of green can so often fall pale insignificance, but arranged beautifully with stylish sundries it becomes a timeless classy classic

  2. Kungphoo says:

    simple and elegant.. that is a recipe for good looks!

  3. Simple but classy, Well done!

  4. You are right, in that inspiration will help us become enthusiastic about most things. I am sorry your hair was falling out, but happy for you that it is growing back!

  5. The holiday season is not a good time for more people than you would think. Just because people appear one way on the outside doesn’t mean they aren’t dealing with demons or something less traumatic.
    I am so glad that you are now in the process of moving forward .

  6. Shanique says:

    While meant to be joyous occasions the holidays can often be tough since for some reason loved ones tend to pass at around this time. I glad that you were able to find a motivation to celebrate regardless of the circumstances. I would say that our loved ones who have gone on would want us to be happy and to continue to live our lives to the fullest while we are here on Earth. As you think of their passing think also of the joy they brought into your life and the joy they would want you to continue to have.

  7. Nate says:

    The holiday season always brings joy to my heart. It’s a great way to create wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  8. Stephanie Clopton says:

    Thank you for sharing such a personal story. I love your hair and would keep them too!

  9. Marjory Johnson says:

    The holidays can bring such stress and it’s hard when you’re seeing others be so happy celebrating with all their friends and family. Just remember it really is just another day and your green is lovely!

  10. Jim Striegel says:

    I like your holiday inspirations and glad you’re on the road to recovery!

  11. Veronica says:

    We often take for granted that the happy families that we see on tv commercials during the holidays, isn’t really the reality for everyone. Thanks for sharing your story

  12. Yvonne Brown says:

    This is the most profound part for me: “Seriously though, Christmas for many is a terrible time of year for so many reasons … please try not to dwell on that though … spare them some thoughts and send them your love and then enjoy and cherish whatever you can of the season with your own loved ones.”

  13. My holiday season had a damper on it as well. My baby boy got really sick just a few days before Christmas. In and out of the hospital. Then two days after Christmas, my husband was fired because his boss thinks he was lying about our son. So, this Christmas had it’s down moments but I have to focus on the good. Like spending it with my children.

  14. Dov Shapira says:

    I’ve been having this idea for years to make a button to wear on your shirt.
    “Thank God Xmas is over”

  15. Tom Holmberg says:

    I am glad you have comes to terms with your inner conflict. Going outside, even when you are sick or depressed is very energizing.

  16. Every year I dread Christmas celebrations. The endless spending on money on items that you hope the receiver will love…arrrg! torture! Plus having the in-laws over another arrrgg moment lol But this last Christmas turned out so good. I still cant get over it!

  17. Irene says:

    I agree that Christmas is not happy for everyone. I send you joyful thoughts. Personally for me, I love this time of year. Thanks for sharing your story.

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