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Just a really quick Friday Flowers post … thanks to Kay O’Donoghue’s Floral Designs and Love Lily.

Buying flowers for the weeekend? …Please remember you don’t get flowers this beautiful from the supermarket.  Support your local independent florist and have a lovely weekend.

Always with Love …. Denise xxx


22 Responses to “Friday Flowers … Support Your Local Independent Florists”

  1. I always buy from local businesses when ever possible. Our small, locally owned businesses are the backbone of our country and the source of our economic recovery.

    • tillybalou says:

      That’s fantastic David. I totally agree and if we all started to do the same the world would be a much happier, healthier, safer place for everyone x

  2. Kungphoo says:

    Gorgeous! I always use my local florists when ordering centerpieces for myself or sending flowers to others. I really don’t think I have ever bought flowers from a supermarket. In my opinion they are never fresh or beautiful.

  3. These flowers are beautiful, and “always with love,” from Tilly ba Lou.

  4. luzivone says:

    Friday and Flowers go so well together… It is TGIF multiplied with happiness!!

  5. I have a friend who owns a floral shop. On her blog she was showing the difference in the longevity of flowers from a local florist and the others.

  6. Jeff Brand says:

    What a great reminder to take the time to shop at our local florist.

  7. Jim Striegel says:

    I’m a huge fan of supporting small businesses.

  8. grace says:

    Such a great idea! I love buying local for everything!

    • tillybalou says:

      Where we live it’s quite difficult. We are a small Island called Anglesey on the top of North Wales.

      The council allowed all of the retail giants in and closed about 90% of the Islands individual shops!

  9. My favorite one of the three floral bouquets you posted is Love Lily, but they are all so gorgeous. I love when my husband goes to our local florist to pick up flowers for me;)

    • tillybalou says:

      We also love Love Lilly and feature them often on our Beautiful Great British Independents Facebook page. The owner is self taught and has an incredible natural talent. x

  10. I totally agree.. its like supporting small business that malls. great Cause!!

  11. Handties says:

    Yes always support your small business….I do and you seem to have more choice…..

  12. Yvonne Brown says:

    These would make a nice “just because” gift. I am sure you are busy getting ready for Valentine’s Day!

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