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Six months ago I started our Beautiful Great British Independents page on Facebook.  The page was set up to celebrate the work of our talented, makers, artists and designers and bring them together with the beautiful design stores and florists that still adorn our high streets up and down the UK.  The ultimate aim, apart from bringing them together, being to promote their talent, hard work and dedication to what is essentially a labour of love.

Finally, I have sufficient beautiful content on the Beautiful Great Independents Page to start to create gorgeous themed blog posts and inspiration boards which not only serve to delight our customers and followers but also provide additional publicity and free advertising for all of those talented lovely people.

The ongoing saga of our FREE Florists Directory continues but that’s a story for another day.  In the meantime I have registered Sends Flowers.co.uk and .uk.com and we are working on getting it up and running as soon as possible.

Anyway back to our glorious story of roses, pale, beautiful and white …

I simply adore the images in this inspiration board which is probably why five of them are actually taken in my own bedroom lol.  The pure beauty of white as a backdrop for sugar almond shades of pink is just so feminine without being too girlie.  This concept is illustrated perfectly in the image of those delicate flowers by Solomen Bloemen.

Peony and Sage are a gorgeous company whoes faded, vintage and French inspired linen fabrics are just to die for.  In fact they are on my shopping list for this week as they have inspired a whole new collection for me.   They feature on our Facebook page several times over I hasten to add.

Typically English source vintage fabrics and findings which they not only use to produce their own deliciously romantic gifts and accessories, but they also supply as craft kits too, again on my shopping list for this week.

And now to the gorgeous Amanda Taffinder Flowers, whose work I simply adore.  Just look at those glorious blooms against that wonderful aged barn door.

Speaking of aging, I am loving the current revival in what is now known as “upcycled furniture”, something I have been specialising in for almost 30 years now.  I just love items with age and history and their own story to tell.  Often a piece is too beautiful to paint and distress but around 4/5 years ago we started a stall on an indoor Sunday craft and antique market up here in North Wales.  Due to illness I had to give it up but in the short time we were there we inspired many a London dealer to take photographs of the finished products and have all  available “brown furniture” shipped down south lol.  It is now enjoying a massive resurgence right across the UK and providing an income for many;)

And to conclude our story … the fabulously talentented Cotton and Crumbs, whoes cakes are simply up there with the finest of artists and designers.

So my friends whether you are looking for inspiraion either for your home or your wedding or event, I am sure you will agree that this inspiration board is just so full of delicate vintage whimsy and charm and a collaboration of the work of some escellent and inspirational designers and makers.

Always with Love … Denise xxx

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11 Responses to “Interiors Inspiration Board … Roses, Pale, Beautiful and White”

  1. John Cutler says:

    Great Business Plan! You have clearly done your and homework and have a great social networking plan for your company.

  2. Kungphoo says:

    everyone like FREE! Advertising these days can really drain a company quickly! Great stuff here!

  3. You have beautiful wedding flowers and very nice pics

  4. I love the photos. Makes me feel as though I want to be there. They’re peaceful, calm and relaxing.

  5. What pretty pictures and flowers!

  6. Dov Shapira says:

    I really like those pale colors.
    They do give a very fresh and clean feelings.

  7. jessica s. says:

    these images are so striking, pinning now!

  8. Yvonne Brown says:

    Just looking at your pictures and the colors is inspiring! Best wishes to you!

  9. Lisa Hodges says:

    Looks so relaxing and somewhere I’d like to be right now!

  10. Stephanie Clopton says:

    Very nice choices…clean and fresh. I love your pics too!

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