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Tilly Ba Lou Remember When Collection

Of course everybody knows that Cath Kidston very much brought the whole Vintage look to the fore and in so doing has become a huge icon within the Interiors industry and beyond. Although we adore Cath Kidston, for us Greengate successfully combine vintage floral chic with a modern twist on traditional homespun charm, which perfectly compliments our own unique style right down to the very last detail.

The season was Christmas and Remember When, was our first mainstream collection that moved us away from our signature palette of very soft colours, towards the brighter fun shades of Meadow Saffron, being a bright girly pink and Angels Gather Here, being a clear sky blue.  Remember When also saw the introduction of Toffee Apple red and our rather gorgeous Toy Box green.

One could be forgiven for believing that the image top right was taken from a bedroom interior set … in fact it was a kitchen.  Remember When, returns us to a time when life was much simpler and moved at a much slower pace than today’s rush and hustle and bustle.  Back then, the kitchen was so much more than just a kitchen ….  

Our large Shaker inspired angel for this collection was the Bringer of Love and Light.  She was beautifully simple in Tilly Ba Lou White and in her hand she carried two Toffee Apple red hearts, representing the bringing of the love and the light into the season.

The Remember When collection was such fun … conjuring up memories of Granny’s back kitchen … the warmest room in the house in more ways than one.  There was always an open fire burning and something yummy baking in the oven …. the kitchen really was the heart of the home.  Steaming mugs of tea, bread and jam and not forgetting those brightly coloured fondant fancies. Stacks of neatly pressed floral tea towels brought summer into those cold winter days, and laughter and chitter chatter combined with rosy red cheeks were always the order of the day ….

Ahhhhhh … those really were the days my friends … but let us never forget that everything we do today will become the memories of tomorrow … make every second special and filled with love … 

Always With Love … Denise x

34 Responses to “Interiors Inspiration … Remember When”

  1. Dov Shapira says:

    I like the soft colors, it feels clean and very feminine

  2. This style really does “conjure up memories of Granny’s back kitchen” and is aptly named, Remember When.

  3. Kungphoo says:

    I definitely love these looks! Great memories will never be forgotten! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. Nate says:

    All awesome pictures. Like you said, treasure your memories and what I always like to say, add new ones! Thanks for a beautiful post!

  5. Sue says:

    Beautiful as always! Love the photos!

  6. This collection does make me feel like slowing down and taking a step back. I thought that picture was a bedroom until you said it was a kitchen!

    • tillybalou says:

      Phewee Deanna, I wish I had your energy. Our old house used to have a huge comfy sofa in the kitchen with lots of seasonal throws and cushions … we really did virtually live in that room even though we had 2 lounges :D xxx

  7. Krystle says:

    I love the post and those pictures. It reminds of my grandmothers house in the country where mostly everything was handmade. Oh what fond memories. :)

  8. “Remember When” is a great theme and I’m sure it will be very successful. Great colors.

  9. Tom Holmberg says:

    This quote is very true “ut let us never forget that everything we do today will become the memories of tomorrow” I think we forget this in the midst of our busy lives.

    • tillybalou says:

      So true Tom … I think it’s something we all know deep down but sometimes a gentle reminder helps us push it to the fore again xxx

  10. “Vintage floral chic with a modern spin” — I love it. I don’t have a gift for interior decorating, unfortunately, but I do love that look. It’s so cozy and reminds me of visiting my grandmother in the country when I was a little wee girl. Thank you for sharing your pretty things with us. Take care!

  11. Jim Striegel says:

    I am not familiar with this, but my daughter would really like this.

  12. Jeff Brand says:

    Remember when…great way to take this topic and make it interesting for inspirational.

  13. Casey Gardner says:

    We have some vintage tea towels from my grandmother and we enjoy looking and remembering her memories.

    • tillybalou says:

      Aww … that’s so sweet … Have you ever thought to make them into cushion covers Casey … you could even add some embroidered words too xxx

  14. Veronica says:

    Oh I absolutely adore vintage floral. I love the soft feminine colors that are just my style

    • tillybalou says:

      … and I have just seen your gorgeous flowery blog post from Tuseday and shared it with my flowery friends on this side of the pond xxx

  15. Denise,

    I love that shot of the bread. Great imagery here.

    • tillybalou says:

      Thanks Ryan … I love staging and photography. My decent camera got stolen out of our tiny trailer when we were homeless and my new one is rubbish … either that or I still haven’t learnt how to use it lol xxx

  16. That is so adorable.. totally agree! every moments counts

  17. When done correctly these things make a house seem just a little more warm and inviting.

  18. Love vintage chic! That angel shaker is so pretty!

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