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Oh to be a flame haired beautiful bride and to wear green …

Even just accents of green for me are a must for those who are fortunate enough to be blessed with those gorgeous red locks.

Just look at the flourishes of Jewel Green and Red flowers on that pure wedding white gown.  So easy to add such detail to any white dress … even in the form of a simple satin bow or two for the bridesmaids and those shoes are just to die for.

The simplicity of the stunning cake, simple candle arrangement from Nordic House and the ever so pure and fresh white and green flowers from Bloombox Flowers of Kent, for those who love elegance.

The East meets West inspired image from Celebrating Life brings in just a touch of deep rose pink, while if the whole oriental feel and amount of green in this image is too much, why not bring in just slight influences using flourishes such as these fabulous chair bows from Chair Cover Factory.

For a prettier more delicate look, especially for blondes, try adding just a hint here and there of the softest sugar almond pink as with this gorgeous bouquet by Daisey Jefferey Floral Design.

Always with Love … Denise xxx

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We are delighted to announce that Tilly Ba Lou will be the sole distributer for Ibis and Oberon Contemporary Bird Sculptures in the UK.

Made in the UK by Brian David Newman, these sulptures are all produced from solid 16mm round wrought iron to give a quality heavy structure. They are painted black, prior to being finished with an anitque bronze patina.

Brian David Newman has  been sculpting  with iron for  the past 20 years.   His sculptures and furniture grace the homes and gardens of the rich and famous throughout the UK.

At school his models and sculptures were featured on posters in The London Underground and a large sculptural depiction of a classroom was exhibited in The Houses of Parliament.
To order these fantastic sculptures click on the link on the right hand side of this page.
Always with Love … Denise xxx

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A couple of nights ago while trawling through my Facebook newsfeed, I chanced upon The Blue Carrot and on entering their website found myself lost in a paradise of wild beauty.

In Susanne Hatwood’s own words …

It all started with a row of sweet peas between the spinach and the runner beans.

I set up the Blue Carrot as a market garden, selling vegetables from the gate. The name was a joke, because I really couldn’t grow carrots.

The flowers took over the garden and my life. I’m completely hooked. I love growing them, arranging them, talking about them and there isn’t a day goes by without thinking about flowers …

I was so drawn to Susanne’s unique style of floristry and also share her passion for Dahlia’s.  Little did I think that not only is she an incredible florist but she also grows her own flowers in her beautiful garden in Cornwall.

Always with Love … Denise xxx

Visit The Blue Carrot’s Enchanting Website Here


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The Willow Garden Hebden Bridge


I can’t tell you how excited I was today when I chanced upon the Facebook Page of The Willow Garden in Hebden Bridge.

This was one of the very first stockists of Tilly Ba Lou and to see how they have survived and even thrived in the economic downturn that saw most of our stockists go to the wall, is a fantastic testament to their unique and glorious passion and eye for both floral and interior design.

Situated in Hebden Bridge, which in 2005 was named the funkiest place to live in Europe by British Airways’ in-flight magazine, “High Life”, The Willow Garden florist boasts two floors of exquisite flowers, stunning flower arrangements, beautiful gifts and interior accessories to delight each and every one of the senses.

Hebden Bridge itself is well known for its plethora of independent, individual little shops, full of quirk character, it enjoys a national reputation as a liberal, artistic and creative community with a cosmopolitan atmosphere more akin to larger towns.

All of this is surrounded by the sweeping hills and beautiful open countryside of the Calder Valley.

If you should ever chance on that beautiful part of the UK please do me a huge favour … pop in and give the lovely Helen a kiss from me.

Always with Love … Denise xxx

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Vintage Glass, Old Jars and Pink Flowers


Continuing our “Flowers on a Budget” theme, add decorative lace, ribbons and other items to old glass jam and pickle jars.  They look great, either on their own, in a display of different sizes and shapes or displayed with vintage glass.

Your local independent florist will help you select just the right flowers to perfect your display.

Always with Love … Denise xxx

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Vintage Pressed Glass With Pink Flowers


By visiting your Local Independent Florist you can select just the flowers you need to co-ordinate with your decor.  For this display I used 1 Gerbera, 2 Roses and a small piece of Hydrangea … the rest of the Hydrangea I used in a Globe Display similar to The Wild Garden Globe .  I Just love vintage glass and feel that too many flowers detract from its own perfect beauty.  Even odd drinking glasses which can be picked up for pennies at charity shops and boot sales will add to the overall effect … try combining different styles of glass from retro to modern to get the look that’s right for you.

Always With Love … Denise xxx

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Support Your Local Independent Florist

Support Your Local Independent Florist

Money is tight for many people at the moment and those who have a low budget for flowers tend to buy from the supermarkets.

Why not help support your local Independent Florist by just choosing a few special blooms and displaying them in a glass vase or globe … over the next few days I’ll put up a few ideas that you might like.

For this one I bought 1 stem each of Peony, Ranunculus and Bouvardia, then on the way home picked some Tree Ivy, Grasses and Wild Flowers to complete the look.

So much more of a wow factor than a £5 bunch from the supermarket, don’t you think?

Always With Love … Denise Tilly Ba Lou xxx

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If Tilly Ba Lou still had a shop then it would probably look something like this! … For the love of flowers and Beautiful Great British Independents I have turned the bedroom of our 1 bedroomed flat into a pretend shop!!!

Am I mad … of course … all the sane people are!

Seriously though I am working on a photo shoot to use over the coming months, both on my blog and on our Beautiful Great British Independents Facebook page.

I do feel a tad worn out but have to keep going while the flowers are still fresh … I should have around 100 images to use.  At the same time, I’m trying to come up with a new Tilly Ba Lou retail collection, keeping on top of the FB page and blog and working on 4 fabulous wedding inspiration boards.

Here is one of our campaign shots for sharing with florists and friends on Facebook … Hope you like it … We are experimenting as Facebook keep changing the rules so that we can’t reach our fans without paying!

Always with Love … Denise xxx

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Clint Harrison For The Love of Flowers

For The Love Of Flowers … Support Your Local Independent Florist … Supermarkets Really Do Destroy The Lives Of Real People …

Anyone can see that 39 year old, self taught Floral Designer, Clint Harrison has an incredible talent and passion for working with flowers.  His portfolio boasts working at some of the finest and most prestigious locations, including Clearwell Castle in the New Forest, the world famous Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland, Westminster Abbey, the  Five Star Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge London;  exhibiting at RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the Queens Jubilee and travelling to Sri Lanka to take part in a huge floral demonstration.

Clint’s own cosmopoliton floral boutique and coffee shop in Carlisle town centre was adored by the ladies.   They loved to lunch with friends whilst watching the team create their fabulous floral designs.  Clint really was in his own personal hand crafted heaven.  He had worked so hard to achieve his dream and was loving every minute of his life.

Then, in October 2011 Clint was forced to make the heartbreaking decision to go bankrupt.  He lost his beautiful store, his vehicle and then later his beautiful home. More tragic than that, he also lost his dream and with it his confidence in himself, his dignity and his pride.  I can assure you that having been through the same myself and helped others through similar, this is a heartbreaking decision and experience and there are thousands of us out there who have been or are currently going through the living nightmare.

The battle is long and the road is extremely lonely as the waves of recession keep coming and peoples spending habits  change.  In Clint’s case he stuggled with both sides of the business.   The increase in VAT, rent  and business rates stacked up with ever decreasing contracts , brides cutting right back and it becoming popular to request charitable donations at funerals, as opposed to beautiful flowers, were all crippling blows.

Charities themselves have become huge corporate affairs where Directors take huge salaries while kind hearted volunteers give their time and dedication out of the goodness of their hearts. 

The market for home and gift flowers has been crushed as more and more supermarkets provide cheap low grade alternatives, sucking the very life out of the high streets, not just for florists but for just about every beautiful Great British independent.  Clint did everything within his power to continue trading, being forced to break the hearts of his dedicated team by reducing to a skeleton staff.  He made savings and cut costs wherever possible.  He even started working evenings, doing classes from home for up to 25 people at a time.  Nothing he could do could compete with the giants.

Although Clint is desperate to work with flowers again he considers himself lucky to have secured a job as Assistant Branch Manager at DFS, Carlisle, where he uses his artistic flair and understanding of colours to help customers choose which sofa they want to buy!  I suppose he is lucky in that respect.   Many who lose everything have been in their own business so long that they are virtually unemployable, many turn to drink and some even to living on the streets and ultimately suicide.

Clint will never be truly happy again until he is back working with flowers … they are his passion, his happiness, his love.  For the love of flowers,  Clint would seriously consider moving to absolutely anywhere in the world …

Surely somewhere out there is an opening for such a wonderful, talented and dedicated Floral Designer.  Clint can be contacted via his Facebook page, Clint Harrison Flowers.

If you are still lucky enough to have a vibrant and diverse high street, full of colour and choice then please turn your back on the supermarkets and shop local and independent.

Always with Love … Denise xxx

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At the centre of this wedding inspiration board is an image from a photo shoot done several years ago for the Tilly Ba Lou silver jewellery collection … we had such a fun day at woodlands close by Alderley Edge in Cheshire, where Emma our lovely model had to keep getting changed behind trees!

I think it must be the hippie in me that would love to get married barefoot in the woods.

If you are fortunate to have access to a private woodland (something Tilly Ba Lou almost had … but that’s a story for another day) then the table setting top left would be prefect for a small, intimate wedding celebration.

The image underneath that is from Wasing Estate in Berkshire where their beautiful grounds, buildings and woodlands are available to hire.

The pretty cake picks out the colours in the bride’s vintage original 1950′s ball gown and is from The Crafty Baker and the delightful butterfly wand, which makes a perfect keepsake for little bridesmaids, is from the lovely Di Shackson Flowers.

The woodland inspired bouquet is from vsfnyc.com.

If there are children at the reception why not recruit a friend or hire a Faerie Catcher to make the day as magical for the little ones as it is for the grown ups … faeries can be found all over the woods … sometimes seen in the glint of daylight shimmering on a stream or spiders web … remember though that you have to believe to see them and once caught, a faerie must be immediately set free … their magic will then follow the catcher everywhere!

A Faerie Catcher should of course be dressed in the fashion of  faerie and possibly carry a net … visit Beautiful Great British Independents Facebook page for some fun ideas and lot’s of other beautiful wedding and lifestyle inspirations.

Always with Love

Denise xxx

Tilly Ba Lou

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