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At the centre of this wedding inspiration board is an image from a photo shoot done several years ago for the Tilly Ba Lou silver jewellery collection … we had such a fun day at woodlands close by Alderley Edge in Cheshire, where Emma our lovely model had to keep getting changed behind trees!

I think it must be the hippie in me that would love to get married barefoot in the woods.

If you are fortunate to have access to a private woodland (something Tilly Ba Lou almost had … but that’s a story for another day) then the table setting top left would be prefect for a small, intimate wedding celebration.

The image underneath that is from Wasing Estate in Berkshire where their beautiful grounds, buildings and woodlands are available to hire.

The pretty cake picks out the colours in the bride’s vintage original 1950′s ball gown and is from The Crafty Baker and the delightful butterfly wand, which makes a perfect keepsake for little bridesmaids, is from the lovely Di Shackson Flowers.

The woodland inspired bouquet is from vsfnyc.com.

If there are children at the reception why not recruit a friend or hire a Faerie Catcher to make the day as magical for the little ones as it is for the grown ups … faeries can be found all over the woods … sometimes seen in the glint of daylight shimmering on a stream or spiders web … remember though that you have to believe to see them and once caught, a faerie must be immediately set free … their magic will then follow the catcher everywhere!

A Faerie Catcher should of course be dressed in the fashion of  faerie and possibly carry a net … visit Beautiful Great British Independents Facebook page for some fun ideas and lot’s of other beautiful wedding and lifestyle inspirations.

Always with Love

Denise xxx

Tilly Ba Lou

14 Responses to “Wedding Inspiration … A Woodland Tale Of Faerie”

  1. Oh my! Pretty, pretty, pretty. I would get married, bare-footed, in the woods as well, Denise. The woods are my favorite place to be. Thanks for sharing! Peace out.

    • tillybalou says:

      We have a beautiful woodland walk up here that leads to lots of tiny beaches that hardly anyone knows about. It is pure bliss <3 xxx

  2. Having an outdoor ceremony is a wonderful experience! We had our wedding by a lake in Florida. Our niece had her wedding outside at a country club in Dallas. Our oldest son had his outside at a country club too. All of them were much more intimate than ones I’ve attended in a church.

  3. Mary says:

    What a beautiful idea for a wedding. I particularly like the Faerie Catcher idea for the children. Awesome way to keep them occupied.

  4. How wonderful it would be to have a woodland inspired themed wedding!

  5. Nate says:

    Awesome pictures Denise! I like the one with the girl behind the tree. Thanks for sharing as always!

  6. I’m excited when I read your post. My Husband and I are planning our 25th Anniversary in 3 years. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • tillybalou says:

      Thanks Nate … I did actually hire a professional photographer for that particular shoot but did all of the make up, styling and staging myself. We had a lovely day :) xxx

  7. This is really sweet. Wish I could have had an outdoor wedding when I got married. Well….there is the renewal of vows to think about. We’ll see. thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Handties says:

    What a great idea for a wedding… I will have to have this for my wedding… when me and john get married.. xxx
    I love your blog sorry I don’t come on it all the time…

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